Doe iets goeds - blijf gezond, blijf thuis en maak het leuk!

#letsmeetchallenge the # to make the best of every #online #teams or #zoom meeting. #Challenge your #team, #family or #friends for an online meeting and let them create something tasty first. The result? Every meeting will be unique as if we were living in normal times. #GoDutch #borrelplankchallenge

Whut a “Borrelplankchallenge”? A ‘Borrelplank’ is Dutch for a plate with a collection of typical Dutch delicacies such as cheese or ‘bitterballen’ served with your drinks. Often supplemented with foreign snacks.

In this time of COVID, people are increasingly obliged to work from and stay at home. Meeting friends and having some drinks and bites are not allowed in a lot of places or with restrictions only.

The #borrelplankchallenge is a way to make staying at home more more pleasant. Challenge yourself and/or family members to prepare the most beautiful, creative, craziest, tastiest, healthy or enviestsnack platter.

Our main goal is to bring the typical Dutch ‘cosiness’ into your home and teaching people all over the world to say ‘borrelplankchallenge’.

But the #borrelplankchallenge will also help you create the virtual ‘meeting places’ in your livingroom. You can easily combine the #borrelplankchallenge with a ZOOM-meeting, an online family gathering. Meeting collegues, friends or family online will be more fun with your own drinks and bites on the table.

Of course when you’re helping us to make this challenge a success by sharing your ‘borrelplank’ on your social(s) with hashtag #borrelplankchallenge. And who knows, we might launch the full international version of the #borrelplankchallenge soon.

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